Request an Evaluation

To begin the process, fill out this intake form through the website of our partner organization, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR). While completing the form, make sure to indicate this is a Clinic Direct Referral, not a PHR request, and select UMAC from the drop-down menu. Please be sure to indicate if you are requesting a physical or psychological evaluation. Included in this paperwork is also space to indicate the court date or any relevant deadline by which you will need to receive a finalized affidavit based on the physician's exam findings. For questions regarding this process, please direct inquiries to For general inquiries and to contact the UMAC leadership team, please email

UMAC is a student-run organization through the University of Michigan Medical School and the physicians who work with us are all volunteers. Thus, UMAC requires a minimum of 6-8 weeks to schedule an evaluation appointment.  We typically schedule evaluation appointments on Saturdays and use our clinical space at the UM Medical School in Ann Arbor, and we allow physicians a minimum of 2 weeks from the time of the evaluation appointment to complete a finalized affidavit.  Additionally, there will be medical students present during the evaluation to assist the physician. Lastly, please note that UMAC does not offer interpreters, so you will need to arrange one for your client if this is required. Interpreters must be arranged for by the lawyer - NOT the client - and cannot be a friend or family member to the client.